Style Inspiration

I’m starting a new series called What to Wear to Work Now. Partly because I myself am curious. What passes as work appropriate? What does casual Friday even mean anymore if denim is acceptable 5 days a week? And how far can you push the boundaries into personal style without looking unprofessional? First up… The Interview……

Hair Inspiration

You know how it goes, as Summer gets hotter and more humid the temptation to cut your hair gets stronger and stronger. Don’t give in! Lest your blunt bob and turtleneck combo has you looking like a mushroom come Fall. Some long hair inspiration below… If all else fails, just put it in a pony.…


1. You must let the pain visit.  2. You must allow it to teach you.  3. You must not allow if to overstay. – Ijeoma Umebinyuo  

Hair Inspiration

So I had a little hair mishap last night. You know how it goes. No one else is home, you’re halfway through a nice glass of wine, you’ve finished the entire Friends series for the third time and fear some kind of mental spiral as Netflix taunts you with Season 1 Episode 1 just a…


Well… this is the most fantastic thing I have seen in I don’t know how long… I mean everyone is getting one for Christmas… obviously… Where all my long-haired bitches at… Blows. My. Mind. Get yours here.