(the face of a woman who has just received two job offers and no longer needs a serious profile picture. BAM!)

About the Author

Hi! I’m Susan Daly, yes, you’re pronouncing it right (probably, unless you’re saying Suzanne Dolly but why would you do that). I’m a New York / Connecticut-based entrepreneur specializing in Fashion Merchandising and Buying, Retail Operations Management, Branding, and Customer Service. I spent the better part of my career working for large retailers; Anthropologie, Gap, Nine West, Aldo, Zara, and some smaller ones; Cohen’s, Solstice, and Havana Jeans.

I started my own Coffee Bar in 2009 to get away from the city for awhile during the recession. Does anyone remember that? Wasn’t that fun? While the stock market rebounded so did the retailers and I kept track of the industry through my blog the OverApp, a successor to The Daly Dose, and a reference to a complaint I heard all too often from friends in the job market who were being told they were over-qualified. In addition to the OverApp, I’ve been developing an e-commerce site for maker project Tresser, and working on my own line of accessories under the name snuud.

Find me on / Bloglovin / WordPress / Twitter / Instagram / or susanedaly@gmail.com