Got my hard drive back from “tech support” and all is well. I’m still working on my cookbook and it’s coming along nicely. It’s 600 pages now and I’m still on the hunt for new recipes. Which reminds me, if anyone knows the recipe for these Almond Cookies could you send it my way??

blog_Image copy

Thanks so much.

blog_7-softened blog_Black-kitchen_stylizimo blog_bloodandchampagne7908 blog_bloodandchampagne8073 blog_clever_1utensildrawer blog_clever_6 blog_IMG_0949KO-Vieille-du-Temple-©Yann-Dere-750x1125 blog_Joseph-Dirand-Paris-Apartment-Yellowtrace-05 blog_tumblr_npy0ctLdYm1rn4uxro1_500 blog_tumblr_nxjafziuyH1qzs19jo1_500

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