Style Inspiration

Looking for inspiration like…blog_tumblr_n66oel6tnp1so18wzo1_500

A very long style inspiration post is what results from deciding to write about black and white and realizing your entire inspiration folder is black and white. Ah, well, at least I’m consistent in my brand message.


PAris Fashionweek ss2015 day 4, outside Haider Ackermann, liya kebede

Paris Fashionweek ss2014 day 5, outside Céline

blog_charlize-theron-435 blog_hbz-mfw-ss16-street-style-day-3-23-367x550 blog_main.original.585x0 (3) copy 2 blog_MTMzMTE4Mjk2OTAyODcxNjgz blog_MTMzNTQwMTgzNDg3Mjk0MDgz blog_ParisFW_SS2016_day2_sandrasemburg-20151001-8425 blog_ParisFW_SS2016_day3_sandrasemburg-20151002-1897 blog_tumblr_n6ns1vbc0j1rl727go1_500 blog_tumblr_nnmbghG5P51sbdxw4o1_500 blog_tumblr_npbsrwyBHx1tb5h80o1_1280 blog_tumblr_nsfdlydgK71rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_nsmcz4XnBS1rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_nt1irfOkjt1qedulmo1_500 blog_tumblr_nt6jj8xeMe1twsdxco1_500 blog_tumblr_nu3mcx3PaW1qg4bk5o1_500 blog_tumblr_nu5sq3li8s1r7r778o1_1280 blog_tumblr_nubdyxfVCP1qaxxdso1_500 blog_tumblr_nunojvVuyV1qdypqro1_500 blog_tumblr_nuszrg268c1qh9n5lo1_500 blog_tumblr_nv15gkTIkB1rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_nvj8ej0zOJ1qbhipzo1_500 blog_tumblr_nwacfsHGH61rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_nwnddrJf6f1svyeglo1_500 blog_tumblr_nww1b4TGMR1s49zfro1_500 blog_tumblr_nxbzldnWAE1qdypqro1_500 blog_V5C2579web


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