Hair Inspiration

After a typically aggressive haircutting session yesterday, I find this advice more profound than ever…


It looks as though I will be rocking the half bun for the foreseeable future. Not to be confused with the topknot, the half bun is the perfect solution for all your bad hair days, whether they be self-inflicted or no…

London Fashionweek ss2014, LFWSS2014

blog_hun_trend_frenchbydesign_blog blog_hun_trend_image1_frenchbydesign_blog blog_hun_trend_image2_frenchbydesign_blog blog_IMG_3893 blog_jennifer-lopez-sexy-nude-mini-dress-american-idol-1 blog_The-Half-Bun-3-640x960 blog_The-Half-Bun-10-640x640 blog_The-Half-Bun-11-640x853 blog_The-Half-Bun-12-640x960

What it basically does is mask any potential problem areas in your layers while leaving the length exposed, which should be healthy, full, and shiny like a freshly-fed and winter-coated cat. If you need help with your half bun, here’s a tutorial which I found about as necessary as that recipe explaining how to make a sandwich.

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