I made two sandwiches yesterday (below). They may not seem particularly revolutionary but, you have to remember how Irish I actually am. And, no offense to my brethren but we don’t have much food culture unless you count things that can eventually be turned into alcohol or came that way in the first place. I never even tried hummus and guacamole until I was well into adulthood so combinations like these excite me. As for the pickles. Well, I just love pickles. Remember to get a really good seeded bread and when it comes to things like peanut butter, go to the organic section, look at the ingredients, make sure it only says “peanuts”, head to the register, close your eyes, and hand over your credit card. Your body will thank you.

blog_AntoninoB1265 blog_dreamy-spaces (4) blog_Image (1) blog_islandinsanityhugged blog_main.original.585x0 (2) copy 3 blog_mid-century dining room black wall starburst brass light fixture blog_phh6 blog_tumblr_nteih3btHz1r6kaa9o2_500 blog_tumblr_ntrkqhbwJK1qix0dvo1_500 blog_window-treatments-orcondo-5

blog_Untitled blog_Untitled2

Also, this sauce chart I’m trying next…

blog_Image copy 3

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