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blog_romania by eduard gutescu c5d7bf2f5180fa1bba2b5ca6dd1f99f84b25e452 (1)

It’s Monday. Let it roll over you like the ocean does the sand and recede just as easily…

blog_tumblr_ndoz2z1VHz1rs8w78o1_1280 blog_tumblr_ni15fhRgIY1qj5oxwo1_1280 blog_tumblr_ns7v0qM8WY1s22icco1_500

More heart attacks occur on Monday than on any other day. So if that didn’t calm you, here’s something a little bit farther off… just to put things into perspective.

blog_Image (1) copy 2

Earth, Moon, Jupiter alignment captured by Astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the ISS.blog_Image (1) copy 3

Enhanced color image of Pluto, everyone’s new favorite planet.blog_Space_Station_Crosses_Moons_Face-19117b8afad837a11aba9cc55d1dfd1c

And the ISS crossing the Moon’s face. You’re welcome.

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