Style Inspiration

So you’ve gotten through your first day and now you’ve been there for a couple of weeks. Excellent! Now is when you can let a little bit of your personality come through. We’re not talking crop tops and minis but if you have been wearing pants to fit in and you’re partial to skirts, now is the time to introduce them. But, please no knees. What’s good enough for Anna is good enough for me. Pare it with something more conservative and you have a formula for sartorial success. Now if you could just give a presentation without breaking out in a cold sweat…


All black is always a good option.blog_Paris_Fashion_Week-Fall_Winter_2015-Street_Style-PFW-Sarah_Ruston--790x1185 blog_tumblr_mz1a4rHps61s6e7uuo1_1280

A structures blazer gives shape to an otherwise fluid silhouette.blog_tumblr_n21mfhf6Cw1rmfv8to1_1280 blog_tumblr_n92pr1yj6s1ttxb55o1_r5_500

Anytime is a good time for a button-down.blog_tumblr_nd1u3b85T61rmfv8to1_500-366x550 blog_tumblr_nms7daQhRU1qbhipzo1_1280 blog_tumblr_nn6rv7OX4P1qd77bno1_500

Black and white is always alright.blog_tumblr_nq0846niuw1qkpc62o1_500

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