Style Inspiration

I’m starting a new series called What to Wear to Work Now. Partly because I myself am curious. What passes as work appropriate? What does casual Friday even mean anymore if denim is acceptable 5 days a week? And how far can you push the boundaries into personal style without looking unprofessional?

First up… The Interview…


Stick to the sensible colors, black, navy, and grey. Throw in a tan if you must. I won’t be doing that.blog_ad_128245150 blog_article-2470313-18E2D96800000578-46_634x552 (1) blog_coffeestainedcashmere_style_tumblr_mb1nmz4A2J1qhzt4ro1_500

Focus on personal details like your favorite jewelry, or an interesting top but be prepared to answer questions about them.blog_img-la-femme-emmanuelle-alt_105936802053 blog_LEFASHIONBLOGMODERNSUITJENNALYONSCAPTOEPUMPS1

If you’re confident you won’t be eating mustard anytime soon, go for something white. Make sure it doesn’t wrinkle.blog_tumblr_lxph4iSNXg1qenwa3 blog_tumblr_mkfsmzJLAI1qzmc8xo1_1280 blog_tumblr_mz4x3cWUJ91rl727go1_500

It’s okay to look slightly disheveled as long as it also looks intentional. That is all about confidence.blog_tumblr_ninbp3978S1sjqb0no1_1280And if you must wear outerwear, take it off before you arrive and hold it in your hand like a bag.

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