I realize there hasn’t been much actual fashion on the blog lately but honestly I’m really not inspired by Summer clothing. There’s just nothing to be done about it. I crave dark colors, layers upon layers, chunky knits, and wool hats in all shapes and sizes. Pre-Fall has started to campaign and, seeing as back-to-school is right around the corner (sorry kiddies), I’m confident it will begin landing in stores soon. And then my friends, Fah-Shun. Until then!…

I had the apartment to myself the other night so I whipped out a couple of beers, since I’ve sworn off wine for eternity, put on Friends for the umpteenth time, because no one was around to judge, and pulled EVERYTHING out of my closet and dumped it on the floor.

I’m working on editing a cookbook. It’s related I promise I’ll get there… They’re not my recipes because I don’t have a kitchen much less know how to cook but it’s instead a compilation of recipes I’ve had hanging around in different formats and different folders for what turns out to be 5 years… wow. I hate disorganization. So this is just my way of making something pretty and organized in yet another area of my life that no one will appreciate but me. It’s at 250 pages at the moment. Because my commitment to myself runs deep. Take that Julia Child.

As I looked through some of the recipes I bookmarked several years ago I realized I had to let some of them go. I’ve changed my diet a lot in the last few years and watched 3 too many documentaries regarding the state of the American diet to eat some of the things I used to. Then recently, I had a couple of conversations that made me realize¬†changing the way one eats isn’t really about eliminating. Eliminating has a negative connotation and sets us up for failure, makes us feel like we’re missing out, depriving ourselves. If a lifestyle change is really what you seek, start from nothing and add in the foods that are good for you, that you enjoy. That will help weed out what was unnecessary for your happiness.

The same can be said for closets. Instead of looking at your closet and thinking what can I eliminate, take everything out and say what do I really love and want to keep. Come at the decision from a place of positivity and the purge will become infinitely easier.


The discard pile which contains two pairs of black pants I haven’t worn in 6 years but are in perfect condition. Deciding to get rid of them is impossible, feels irresponsible. But deciding I don’t love them is easy.


Off-season storage. Be careful with off-season storage. It can become a little out of sight out of mind. When temperatures dip again and you switch over your closet be sure to practice the same principle of only reintroducing things you love. Like a bad relationship that’s overstayed its welcome, sometimes distance helps you realize the heart was never that fond in the first place.


Look! Empty shelves! Ready for pre-Fall…

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