Hair Inspiration

So I had a little hair mishap last night. You know how it goes. No one else is home, you’re halfway through a nice glass of wine, you’ve finished the entire Friends series for the third time and fear some kind of mental spiral as Netflix taunts you with Season 1 Episode 1 just a click away. And so you think… you know what I should do? CUT MY HAIR!

It all went fairly well and then at the last second I took too much off the end because I have a saying when it comes to hair length; Pass the tits call it quits, Covers the nip have to snip! And so on…

In my moment of despair I did what any rational (slightly tipsy and hormonal) woman would do and scoured Google images for celebrity hair inspiration that resembled what I had done to myself.

What I think of as too short is actually a lot like this…blog_sandra-bullock blog_Sandra-Bullock

But it used to look like this…

blog_julianne-moore-les-fremars-fashion-week-dinner-06Which is why at 10 o’clock last night my face looked like this…

blog_Julianne-Moore-Picturesnew-girl-jess-break-up-wine-drink-gif-taylor-swift-sad-musicIf you too would like to send yourself into a self-doubt sinkhole these are the three tutorials that first got me thinking I could tend to my own strands. Give it a try! They said. It’ll be fun! They said…




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