We all know by now how I struggle to cope with the Spring and Summer style months. Apart from having to make the shift to lighter colored clothing which if not done correctly can make me appear naked from afar, there is also the footwear problem. Yes, it is a problem. Chelsea boots and lady pumps no longer socially or physically acceptable (the sweating issue. yek), one must eventually turn to sandals. The problem with sandals is not that I hate to shop for them. Oh nay, nay. I love a beautiful sandal. The problem is two fold:

1. I hate to spend money on things that have far less material than their counterparts. For example, a beautiful sweater $70 no problem. A $70 tank top? Not unless it comes with a $50 bill attached where the care tag should be.

2. The comfort factor. Sure your favorite pair of heels may wear the skin off your pinky toe and turn the ball of your foot into one big blister but heels are generally only worn for special things like nights spent out at dinner or dancing. Sandals are meant to be worn everyday. This presents a problem. Your everyday boot can be worn with socks, alleviating, if not completely eliminating, any rubbing problems. You can add cushioning and insoles until you’re basically walking on a cloud. Not so with sandals. With sandals everything is exposed from your heels to your toes.

In light of all of this (yes, all of this. it’s a wonder I can cope with my life on a daily basis), I default to Havaianas which are amazingly comfortable if you have not tried them but they are as appropriate as an UGG for night time activities and special occasions. So my goal is always to find high quality, comfortable, elegant, cushioned, open toe, open back, sandals. Here is where new-to-me brand ATP Atelier comes in…

blog_16739-003fbc50c240449ab8c34a80e479fcf1 blog_16739-66710d5efd9f4d949d581e3e75bdc3a3

Also, for you NYC gals whose nails are no longer looking their best, a closed toe option…

blog_16739-10f831a8f2484578ad8c28b2c816a6e2It’s the attention to detail that I love. Like the gold toe cap because on anything pointed that is the spot likely to get the most abuse. Wonderful.


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