Daly Dose

So American Idol has finally decided to pull the plug and apparently no one is surprised. I’ve decided to say farewell with 3 of my favorite performances. First up is Kris Allen from Season 8…

Many people have covered “Heartless” since but his was the first one I heard and it blew me away. I even sang his version over Kanye’s version at karaoke. People were confused. It’s okay. Moving on to Casey James Season 9…

Forget for a moment his championing of the midi ring about 5 years before everyone else, don’t you just love a man who can convey emotion through song?! Ohhh Casey you can be jealous of my guy anytime you want!

Covers can be divisive. Of course there will always be people who are devoted to the originals. When I worked in a retail store years ago a woman came up to me and demanded I turn off a cover of Frank Sinatra. She was obviously peeved but honestly, she wasn’t moving in how long did she possibly plan on staying?! So I refused because this particular cover was being sung by my “Buble Bath” companion Michael. I tried to explain the wonder that is “The Bubble” to her but she was having none of it. Oh well, finally, we have Candice Glover from Season oh who the hell cares…

If American Idol failed at something and it is important to point out that it did, it was their absolute failure to create careers for these people. They instead ponied them about in front of audiences for ratings, without any care for their future and I find that reprehensible, particularly in Candice’s case.

I found my personal top 3 videos from a long list of best moments on Yahoo this morning but there’s one they left out and that was Lee Dewyze singing Simple Man…

So goodbye American Idol. You were pretty pitchy at times but you were a phenomenon and for that I’m sure I speak on behalf of all the contestants when I say, where the fuck is my money?

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