I spy with my little eye… beautiful bags!

blog_OLV-TIM-NVY-2T blog_TED-PYY-BLK-2T blog_Untitled

I do love a quality, unadorned bag and because of that I have been a die hard fan of Rebecca Minkoff for about a decade now. I’ve always believed in the very Oliver Peoples strategy of quality recognition over branding, an idea that first gained popularity in a post-Juicy Couture era of label rejection and is on the rise again. Not having a logo emblazoned on a product can actually make it even more appealing. And when someone recognizes something without a logo you’ll know you’ve encountered a kindred spirit. This is a trend I can get behind.

Ever since I missed out on this I have been on the hunt for another worthy option. GiGi could it be? Have I stumbled upon a new favorite? Mama’s got a brand new bag. Clicky Clicky.

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