Style Inspiration

Confession: I own these in every color.


They fit like a dream and at $25 they are each one quarter what I used to pay for premium denim. The black is a no brainer and replaced an old worn out pair. The dark blue is perfect for going out, it’s slimming and goes with everything as a neutral. Then I got the light blue for more casual days and finally the medium blue because, well, at that point…

All of them have gotten so much wear in the last six months I’m afraid the next time I yank them on the belt loops are going to rip clean off. (To their credit they are well made and this has not happened and probably won’t but you never know. My ass has broken better brands.) The only one I’m struggling with is the medium blue (second from left). In person the color is so similar to the dark blue that there seems to be no place to wear them that wouldn’t be better suited to a darker, more slimming color. So, my idea is to make them different.

While having a set of denim that is in no way distressed, puckered, faded, or ripped is essential for building a wardrobe foundation, I think I have that covered with the light, dark, and black. Now there is room for a little differentiation and the best part is that if I completely fuck it up (this probably will happen) I’m out $25 instead of $198. My plan is to give the medium blue a place by distressing them with the ubiquitous knee hole. It’s important to get this right. If you open them up too much they’ll lose their structural integrity and fall apart. Too little and they won’t look any different. Too high up on the thigh and you’re a broken sausage casing, and too much knee will be well, too much knee.

I looked through my archives of style inspiration all the way back to 2009 which took a couple of hours but I found plenty of good examples. Wish me luck…

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