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My Facebook feed yielded gold today and that’s particularly rare considering I only have 30 “friends”. This made me laugh and tear up not just because of my own deeply held insecurities but because of its humor and honesty. The video didn’t explain anything I didn’t already know but I think it’s important that people understand that while consistent and intentional neglect by your partner can create insecurities that were not originally there, most people bring these into a relationship, they are not created because of it. And if this bothers you and seems to you to be excusing disrespectful male behavior think about that the next time he doesn’t want you to go out for a girls’ night. What would be the result if a snapshot was taken of you on the dance floor? And if he got upset about it would that be your fault?

And if you don’t care about any of this, forget the video and look at the hair on these guys!

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