So I have a birthday approaching. There are a lot of advantages to getting older. I never have to bring my license to buy beer and wine. I’ve advanced enough in my career that the words “entry-level” never really come up. I am secure in my relationship and have compiled a group of friends who are supportive and loving and loyal. But, there is one distinct disadvantage. Birthday clubbin’ has turned into birthday dinners at fancy restaurants because going “out” starts to feel a lot like this…

Image copy 2SO the newest, latest, soon to be shutdown for underage drinking and drug use, place in town has been replaced with quiet nights at home drinking my legally purchased booze and smoking my medical marijuana. And I don’t mind at all because along with better salaries, cars, and wardrobes, one of the other advantages to getting older is that I, along with most of my friends, have much better interiors…

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