Eames. Eames everywhere!

blog_tumblr_nenb7iz5xy1rsuch2o1_500The nice thing about interior design is that it’s not like fashion in that you might bump into someone who is wearing the same thing. Trends sweep through the fashion world like viral infections and sometimes the chances of being seated next to someone with the same bag or pair of shoes are just a little too high. But with home decor trends, it really doesn’t matter if everyone’s doing it. You’re the only one who lives there! The whole of the design industry won’t be stopping by for lunch and bringing their favorite dining chair along. Though that may be a good idea for a dinner party theme. So go ahead! Follow trends! Copy a photo exactly. Buy page 36 from the cb2 catalog. As long as it makes you happy, that’s all that matters…

blog_bloodandchampagne7348 blog_bloodandchampagne7349 blog_bloodandchampagne7534 blog_crarchitextureFarmhouse3 blog_main.original.585x0 copy 6 blog_my paradissi platform bedroom blog_platform bedroom blog_TFLA_EASTWIND-5821 blog_tumblr_nd5c8hJBUk1qb9wx5o1_500

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