Been obsessed with jewelry lately and the holiday sale season didn’t help the cause. Compared to clothing, they last forever, they never go out of style, and they always fit so really where can you go wrong? Nowhere that’s where.

blog_Le-Fashion-Blog-Bauble-Bar-Coco-Rocha-Jewelry-Collection-Rings-Cage-Pave-Studded-Set-Blue-White-China-Cup-Saucer-Via-Tom-Schirmacher blog_tumblr_n4ib4yxW9n1semkxlo1_500 blog_tumblr_ngzsclhPfP1rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_ngzso3XeHu1rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_ngzswv485n1rsuch2o1_500Shop some of my favorites… & Other Stories, Nora Kogan, nOir Jewelry, COS, OBJCTS, by boe, J.Crew, Minoux Jewelry, Gabriela Artigas, and Banana Republic.


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