Wow. That was a hell of a two weeks. Actually, around here in tourist town USA it is literally called ‘Hell Week” for various reasons. I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon and into a brick wall.

blog_Image (2) copy And now it’s over… phew. We survived with only some aching joints and lingering colds to show for it. Oh, and a 200% improvement in sales over last year. That too. It’s nice to be back to normal. Never have I ever looked so forward to a Monday. Happy New Year and all that jazz. We have so much to talk about from the most popular posts from last year (hint: you all really like it when I curse!) to a review of the Shopping Diary from 2014 (did you keep one this year?!). But first! Some interiors because my brain isn’t quite prepared…

blog_547876182a099a70c80084ff._w.540_s.fit_ blog_Christina+Murphy+Meg+Gabriele+built+banquette+d0Ybl7XwBbBl blog_dining room sixties chairs blog_GabrielFontesmodern-residence-111 blog_historic townhouse in New York City (8) blog_main.original.585x0 (3) copy blog_tumblr_nfpkjuvES31s873llo1_500 copy blog_tumblr_ngad50yHfO1s01xbbo1_1280 blog_upper-west-side-apartment-1100-architect (1) blog_upper-west-side-apartment-1100-architect (5)

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