blog_tumblr_neu20d6Qde1qc91i1o1_500The Boyfriend Jean…

Let me explain something here and I want you to listen reeeaaal close. There is a huge difference between a pair of loose fitting jeans and The Boyfriend Jean. Okay, maybe it’s more like a fine (hem)line but still they are easily distinguishable and this is important. Girlfriend jeans or just loose fitting jeans are the ones you borrow from your slightly heavier girlfriend the morning after a night of drinking to avoid looking like the walk of shame. They are also the only jeans in your closet that fit after one too many pieces of pie. The Boyfriend Jean is the pair you borrow from the hulking fellow you met at the bar the night before when you didn’t make it back to your girlfriend’s apartment. You see the difference? The Boyfriend Jean does not look like it belongs to you. If they aren’t falling off your ass fantastic in that way that definitely requires a belt then they’re not The Boyfriend Jean.

blog_01 blog_16 blog_22 blog_26 blog_christinecentenera_style_boyfriendjeans_12blog_IMG_4906 blog_STYLECASTER1 blog_tumblr_ml1670qt211qzmpfro1_1280 blog_tumblr_mm2ztrTvsd1qfrtudo1_500 blog_tumblr_nfi7mgj77T1rsuch2o1_500Almost any pair of jeans can be made to look like The Boyfriend Jean. You want to look for two very specific things…

1. They must be 100% Cotton or very close to it. Any hint of stretch will effect the worn-in, baggy look, the fit on the waistband and calves, and they will cling in all the wrong places. Also, normally I do not advocate thin denim as it shows every crease and crinkle of cellulite and wears out too fast but in this case we’re looking for drape so the thinner the better.

2. You must size 1-3 sizes up. This is critical. I don’t care if they are labeled boyfriend by the brand. No company really wants a woman’s ass to look like that in their jeans so they will still be way too tight in your size. If you are pin straight in the hips with a relatively tiny tushy, 1 size up will probably do. If you are more curvy, you want the waistband to sit about a third of the way down your crack a doodle do. This is where the belt comes in handy. If you’re still worried about looking as thin as possible always choose a darker rinse.

2 excellent options…

Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans: These are slightly cropped so they are the perfect option to prevent dragging and can be worn with heels or flats easily. I am normally a 29 and I went with a 32…

blog_UntitledAlso try AG Jeans Tomboy: These have a wonderfully low rise to prevent bunching in the crotch but are much longer in the leg. A perfect option for taller women who want the same look. Also great for cuffing or rolling at the ankle or tucking into a tough biker style boot. I also bought these in a 32.

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