blog_Tassel-blanket-500x695Awesome blanket ideas.

The way this large scale artwork is hung seems like a good idea but I tried it. It’s not. No matter how chic it looks here, in reality it just looks like you couldn’t find a frame. Be a grownup. Frame your artwork.blog_tumblr_mts47vBc761qzsrlso1_500

Chic, if uncomfortable, furniture…blog_tumblr_nd8zhcCRpq1qi73s5o1_500

Small bathrooms with graphic wallpaper make me happy…blog_tumblr_neiko2xaPq1qblfg5o1_1280

This person built out their kitchen and dining area to resemble a cafe. So cute…blogcafe_DesignSponge_NobukaYuba_03blogcafe_DesignSponge_NobukaYuba_08blogcafe_DesignSponge_NobukaYuba_14

Chevron accents will never go out of style…blogchevron_wood chevron decor 2blogchevron_wood chevron decor 3blogchevron_wood chevron decor 5

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