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blog6_square.original.300x300ucSo ladies and gents… I know you were all as panicked as I was about my eyebrow-less party invite but fear not! In my last moments of desperation I discovered not so accidentally that my brown eyeliner can double as an eyebrow pencil. Those were some dark motherfuckers let me tell you and I could not have been more ecstatic.

More hair inspiration, makeup, and manicures oh my!

blog_5617fdcad8545ce4421252d9eebbb25b blog_gabrielle-union-2-435 blog_image (1) blog_image copy blog_IMG_6987_4ab8fde1-aa3f-4214-99dd-5f22f4189040_2048x2048 blog_main.original blog_photo28 blog_tumblr_mf6qdpR9gd1qf4zpqo1_500 blog_tumblr_n37m34GTbD1rzbjh5o1_1280 blog_tumblr_nambh5iKXE1qbwiabo1_1280 blog_tumblr_nbcbqufEfl1r3hdp3o1_500 blog_tumblr_nbql9gZUq91rqhj5fo1_1280 blog_tumblr_ndjt7nsSVD1r3pspqo1_1280 blog_tumblr_nef8tbOav81twtouro1_1280 blog_tumblr_nemylqa3SC1tz8p4jo1_1280 blog_tumblr_ner3kudXNj1qzcqoro1_500

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