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blog_2UntitledI’ve had these Combination Canvas Trousers from Zara for well over 2 years now and I’ve struggled with how to wear them. Remember when I talked about sometimes, just sometimes, buying things that you just like for some reason with no clear idea about how to use them best and figuring out how to wear them later? This was a clear example of that. Some wardrobe gurus say you should never have anything in your closet that doesn’t make your heart all aflutter but I tend to stick to the 80/20 rule. Any closet should be 80% practical and 20% radical. These fell in the latter category.

The first problem was the color. The first step to creating a personal uniform is to find the colors that make you feel most like you and buying those endlessly. As a result, 80% of my wardrobe is black and grey and 20% is made up of other colors. Military green is one of those other colors. Like black, white, grey, navy, and metallics, green in the right shade can act as a neutral but when paired with a similar shade or brown *shiver* it can quickly make anyone look like poo. That’s right… poo. So I was a little lost about how to wear them.

Then on to the fit. I’m not going to lie to you here. They make my ass look phenomenal which is mostly why I kept them… for that perfect ‘I need a phenomenal ass’ moment. So the fit on top was great. The length could technically work with flats. Anything that shows the ankle works with a flat shoe or sandal but these are cropped and slightly loose in the leg which creates a difficult proportion and made me look short and fat (mind you with a phenomenal ass) so flats were out. Heels it was then! The problem there is that the pants themselves aren’t dressy enough to be worn out at night. Canvas doesn’t exactly scream I’m on a date.

So they sat and waited until this weekend when an early-ish dinner with girlfriends presented itself. I was determined to make them work. The only question left was what to wear on top. I scanned through my style inspiration folder to see what others had done. Black (duh and one of my 80% colors), White (not going to happen and one of my 20% colors), and Grey seem to be the order of the day. Grey is one of my 80% colors and more unexpected than black. If you’re wearing something you may be uncomfortable with on the bottom try pairing it with something that makes you more confident on the top. That way even if you end up hating the outfit you can just crop the pictures…

blog_coffeestainedcashmere_style_tumblr_m07x0cHncg1qb501fo1_500 blog_icovet_style_tumblr_mduptrw7jZ1qamnojo1_1280 blog_Image4 blog_jennifer-aniston-435 blog_OliviaPalermoLookoftheday5 blog_Picture4-26 blog_stockholmstreetstyle_218538_980 blog_tumblr_mrthdamHga1qd8hm0o1_500 blog_Untitledblog_10426288_10204338117666725_6020252065934523296_nDone, done, and done. We’ll see what else I have languishing in my closet unworn from 2013 when we review the Shopping Diary in January.


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