So I have a birthday party on Saturday for one of my dear friends and I’m super excited because I love birthdays and birthday parties and friends so a win, win, win all around. I was excited… until I realized… I’m out of eyebrow pencil… looks like I’ll be a before instead of an after this weekend… I’ll be a bottom instead of a top… I don’t even wanna go now…

blog_UntitledWhen I was a kid and I’d ask my father what he wanted for Christmas he would always say “oil”. It was for his car which leaked oil. I never understood practical responses like this until I reached “adulthood” myself. Now all I want is a full propane tank, some warm wool socks, and a case of M.A.C. Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering…

Until then, to everyone else at the party…

image1Now get me a drink. I’m gonna need it.



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