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blogbangs_52288195-01A few weeks ago I had to go to a party and my hair was just not laying right. No matter what I tried I looked like a cow had just licked my hairline. So out came the scissors. The advantage of (sometimes obsession with) cutting your hair at home is that you can decide what hairstyle you’d like for the night and execute it quickly. So I cut bangs. And when I came downstairs my husband jumped because he didn’t recognize me when he turned around. It was pretty funny. Celebrities do this all the time. They have hairstylists tending to their every event. Before each public outing they get a nice little trim which keeps their hair looking perfectly maintained. Try it, it’s fun.

Bangs are a hot button issue of course. They can dramatically alter the way your face looks and have an effect on your attitude and the way you are perceived. But, they are difficult to maintain. Keep in mind most salons offer regular bang trims at no cost so take advantage and enjoy your newfound Zooey Deschanel sex appeal.

blogbangs_23d853a1c915339edb5290d54ab03e0bd1358075 blogbangs_d30822b277049ed7666eaa2f7da831328d621cd7 blogbangs_Image (1)If you are at all concerned with a drastic change or your own abilities it’s best to go with a fringe as in the above instead of a blunt bang which looks good on almost no one. If you don’t believe me let me use myself as an example/sacrificial lamb because who doesn’t love a good side by side. On the left we have blunt bangs which I did myself because I’m a moron. And on the right we have a fringe which I did myself because I’m a genius!


What is it they say about mistakes? If we don’t learn from them we are doomed to repeat them? Well…


On the left we have a blunt bang, and done by a professional! Needless to say I never went there again. And on the right, fringe. Fringe will always be less work to maintain and will soften the face and hide almost any mistake with the cut. I think I finally got the message and so should you.

More hair inspiration…

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