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Don’t worry, I did not forget this is primarily a fashion blog…

You know when you see a blog post heading that says something like, “5 Ways To Wear Sneakers”, or “This Season’s It Bag 5 Ways” and you get all excited and you click on the article and you get something along the lines of… 1. with a sweater, 2. with jeans, 3. with a skirt, 4. with socks, 5. without socks

I would never do something like that to you. So below we have “5 Ways To Transition Your Destroyed Denim Into Fall”


1. Add a blazerblog_tumblr_nc0z7hI0jf1r8pem2o1_500

2. Layer, layer, layerblog_tumblr_nc4sm5uNTm1rmfv8to1_500

3. Add black elementsblog_tumblr_ncg5b4jF311qbhipzo1_12804. Put on a sweater


5. Don’t do this. Because no matter how good you think your abs are, they are not that good.

blog_baggy9 blog_baggy11 blog_baggy12

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