The personal photo wall is still in progress. What can I say? I ran out of ink. And ink is more expensive than getting photos printed online. Ink is more expensive per unit than gas! And I am cheap. So we wait. BUT! The prep for the wall has been accomplished at least and since we’re going to have guests on October 31st that, my friends, is a step in the right direction.

The inspiration…


The progress…

blog_photo copy

blog_photo copy 2

Everything you need for this project can be found at Home Depot. The eye hooks come in packs of 2 or 4. The larger the eye hooks, the more industrial looking the installation will be. The wire is a medium gauge that can be cut with ordinary scissors. Ours is cut to five feet in length to leave 6 inches on either side to wrap around the eye hook. Because we’re not using any frames or backer board on the photos, the eye hooks don’t need to be anchored in studs. We put one on both ends and one in the middle because no one wants a saggy wire.

On another note… how ’bout that wall color people! Huge improvement over the red.

Until I get ink, a smattering of what will go on the wall. And no all the photos aren’t of me. My narcissism does have its limits. But, most people don’t want their picture on the internet so I’m frequently the sacrificial lamb…


Night before our wedding.






Perpetually drunk at barbecues.blog_4x6_20140628_230305

Perpetually drunk at weddings.blog_4x6_8117786037_d8626fb1b2_o

Perpetually drunk in California.blog_4x6_IMG_1932

And Montreal.blog_4x6_IMG_20130406_101902_646


blog_4x6_photo (4)editMatching paisley.

See what I mean about using photos not suitable for framing? When it’s done we’ll have 3 wires each 4 feet in length. The photos will all be printed at 4×6 and in a portrait orientation to maintain a clean line. Held on by binder clips, the’ll be easy to change out and rotate. Because it’s going in the guest room, we can also print and hang photos taken with the people who are staying with us thereby creating a personalized experience.

More to come…

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