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Had another mouse incident last night. It seems to be “husbands away the mice will play” because this shit never happens when I’m not alone only when I am alone and I find it unacceptable to say the least. There I was sleeping soundly, with ear plugs in no less, when at 4 am I hear hissing and squeaking, a sure sign of trouble. I jump to a standing position on the bed just in time to see a fast moving black spot run under it…

The next 3 hours looked like this…


So as I was already up I decided to work on altering my bridesmaid dress to something that can be worn outside the wedding hall.

blog_photo copy 4

First up was removing the polyester under layer to make the bottom more sheer (read: more date night and less wedding night)…

blog_milan-fwss2013-okssana blog_oksana-on-milan-ss13 blog_slits_barestyle_11_10242 blog_tumblr_mxv5ieEEgy1rrqsx6o1_1280That only required a pair of scissors and a watchful eye so as not to cut the zipper in half or mess the top up too much.

The top was next. You can catch a glimpse of it here…

blog_photo (2) copyIt’s a sweetheart neckline with ruching similar to this…


And boning throughout which works in my favor because corsetry is in this season. I love the ruching but there aren’t a lot of ways to keep it from looking like you’re going to the Oscars or prom so it was out… at least in the front but I’ll get to that later. What to do with the top I wondered…


What to do, what to do… I’m still deciding.

As for the bottom, now that it’s completely sheer the slits in the front need to be cut. One cut or two is the question at hand. Two seems like an obvious and more modern option but sometimes when I wear double slit skirts the piece in the middle makes me feel like I’m wearing a diaper… I don’t know why.

blog_MTE5NTU2MzIxMTYyODU1OTQ3 blog_slits_7513-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Eleonora-Carisi-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2015_AKS0824

So one will probably win out here. Then the question becomes whether to put it on the side or in the center front. A lot of things can be pondered while waiting for your cat to kill a mouse and/or bring it to you in tribute… a lot of very important things.

blog_main.original.585x022 blog_MTIxNDI3MjkzNTg3NzM2MDc3 blog_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_15-NYFW-Street_Style-Grey_Skirt-

*side note* If anyone knows where I can get a great set of legs, I am in the market. Hit me up at 1-888-damn-cankles.

Once the basics are handled, more trivial things can be answered such as whether to add a belt?

blog_belt_6528701335_67245ecda6_o blog_flowy_Untitled blog_tumblr_mxd40qXEQO1qe2hddo1_1280

Shorten the hem to make it more universally wearable?

blog_MILLY 1 NYFW ss2015 day 1, at Creatures of the wind blog_slide1-jpg_213320

Dye the fabric or add a printed treatment?

blog_Ralph-lauren-runway-fall-2012-metallic-skirt-knit-fashion-over-reason blog_zrrzannarobertsrassipfw

Dip the neckline or make it a halter?

blog_sartorialist_ blog_tumblr_n5md38bW921rt3hgoo1_1280

Or just cut the whole thing right up the center and make it a cardigan?


You know the trivial things…

And then finally there is the little matter of how to actually wear it in public. If I can pull this off in an “oh, this old thing” kind of way I will surely let you know.


blog_maxi_4760-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Nausheen-Shah-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2013-2014_AKS2671 blog_maxi_6179-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Julie-Pelipas-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2014-2015_AKS4797 blog_maxi_AA FASHION ZANNA ROBERTS RASSI Fashion Ed Marie ClaireBefore and After on its way, promise. Stay tuned.

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