blog_cn8565727So… remember when I said denim should be black this season… or white… well, it’s a grey area.

Sorry again.



We all know I have a soft spot for grey. But, grey denim is difficult to pull off. Too light and it looks like dirty white. Too dark and it looks like faded black. Because it is considered a neutral, try wearing black or white on the bottom and grey someplace else.


blog_hbz-lfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-13-sm-1-612x918 blog_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_15-NYFW-Street_Style-Barbara_Martello-Grey_Outfit- blog_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_15-NYFW-Street_Style-Grey_Skirt- blog_New_York_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_15-NYFW-Street_Style-Olivia_Palermo-Tibi-Fringed_Bag-1


Looking for a winning color combination? Try adding a splash of bright orange a la Olivia Palermo…


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