Still obsessed with ring shopping a full 3 years after our engagement and 2 years after our wedding and I think I’ve finally got it nailed down to a healthy 10 options… which I think shows a lot of personal growth…

Anyway, I’m leaning heavily right now toward a set of stacking rings from Henri Daussi because why buy 1 wedding ring when you can buy 4. That’s what ma mama always said. That’s not true. She actually just shook her head and mumbled “susan eLIZabettthhh” in that disapproving way that only moms can say your middle name.

blog_69dd0a25f4c2d70fa9e82975b1b9ec6a (1) blog_832f9514e555eb82e0e36ca8d346d9bd (1)

blog_409717_389709891088780_583671342_n blog_ae34838aecb5def72fc0c2245bbb679d blog_Untitled

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