Since last week the walls have been painted grey, the grey curtains have been moved from the living room and now we’re on the hunt for reading nook and guest room furnishing solutions. We’re also looking for curtain options to replace the ones we re-purposed from the living room. This is proving to be a challenge. The old curtains always bothered me because they weren’t long enough to touch the floor. It is one of my huge pet peeves.¬†Curtains that don’t touch the floor are the capri pants of interiors. My solution was to tuck them under onto the windowsills…


Disaster. Last night we waded through Joann Fabric looking for 18 yards of something we didn’t hate. I of course settled on a grey and white floral to which the hubs exclaimed… “But everything in the apartment is grey!”

And?! What is it you don’t understand about me?! What have I not made clear?! I swear sometimes I feel like he just doesn’t know me at all… Does he even listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth?! (btw the answer to that is a definitive no. I know that because that’s what he said and I lllllisten!)

blog_516f81c474c5b609b6000369._w.540_s.fit_ blog_bloodandchampagne7055 blog_dreamyspaces (1) blog_grey 5 blog_grey 6 blog_grey 7_5 blog_grey 7 blog_grey 10_5 blog_grey 10 blog_image copy 2 blog_main.original.585x0 (2) blog_STIL_INSPIRATION_autumn_mood blog_tumblr_nb9t2rwRiz1qb83abo1_500 blog_white-reading-nook-hermes-remodelista*singing* I see a red wall and I want to paint it gre-ey…

Besides he exaggerates. Our floor is very obviously white.


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