Up until yesterday, and for the last five years, I’ve lived with a red wall…


You can see it on the right. I never bothered to take a good photo of it. One can only imagine why.

It was literally that red and it was a good idea in theory and it was all. my. fault. When I moved in I was so excited to have a place I could paint however I wanted for the first time. I went to Lowe’s and armed with the misguided advice from many a home design blog I looked at endless paint swatches and decided to “have an accent wall”, “be bold with color”. Lies all. It was horrendous. It was horrendous for 5 years. And though it was hidden for a long time behind a massively overloaded coat rack, the color was so bright it reflected all over the apartment, into the hallway, and adjacent rooms.

Last night I finally had enough. I already had the paint, the roller, the brush, and the free time. It only took half an hour and I’m ecstatic. Sometimes it amazes me how easily a human heart can be mended. I went to bed happier and woke up miserable until I glimpsed my pale grey wall on the way to the bathroom and just like that! Elated! I used the same pale grey from the living room…

blog_IMG_2402The moral of this story is that you cannot blindly follow home design advice. Like all advice, medical, financial, relationship, it is not one size fits all. If in your heart you want your entire apartment to be lit in pale grey then it is pale grey you shall have.


Ahhh, so much better.

Next it’s time to print and hang the personal photo wall. Let’s be honest. Not all photos are professional quality and worthy of being printed in large format. But there is nothing sadder to me than keeping sentimental snaps tucked away on a hard drive for all eternity. To compromise print photos on a small scale like 4×6 and hang them all together to make more of an impact visually. Be neat about this to avoid the dreaded dorm room effect.

blog_1hoffman blog_apairandaspare_6754094541_4fac69ecf7_z blog_apairandaspare_6754100689_7b8f7e6956_z blog_coffeestainedcashmere_home_tumblr_m1b1b7OdwX1qavye5o1_500 blog_myidealhome_home_tumblr_m96d3hdvKD1qb83abo1_500Then on to creating a cozy seating area for us to use as an escape from the room with the tv. Finding new uses for old or odd rooms can make your home feel fresh, new, and expansive. Just because a kitchen is a kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be used as a kitchen.

blog_534a659cdbfa3f23e70081b8._w.540_s.fit_ blog_bedroom-classic-elegance-home-tour1-480x644 blog_bloodandchampagne6921 blog_ShedAfterWhen we do have guests we’re going to buy an airbed to put in the space. Now that our couches face the bed having guests in the main room gets a little awkward. Also, I spent some time sleeping in there during an especially drawn out argument a few weeks ago and it was actually really nice! It was like camping! But with AC! It will be a truly tiny guest room but I’m super excited.

blog_bloodandchampagne6879 blog_main.original.585x0 (1) blog_st8



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