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I recently read an article about how to have the best date with yourself but I was already thinking about what to do this week while everyone I live with is on vacation but me. *tiny violin playing* I’ve come up with these absolute essentials for time spent by yourself aka indulging in Secret Single Behavior…

1. Dye your hair because no one can maintain a romantic relationship once they’ve been seen doing this.

2. Shave your face because you know you do it and you know you don’t want anyone else to know you do it.

3. Don’t shave your legs or your armpits because why bother.

4. Wear pajamas… constantly… like the same pair for five days.

5. Binge watch Frasier on Netflix because Niles.

6. Watch a romantic comedy you’ve already memorized with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. (Niles is in there too.)

7. Eat ice cream. A lot of it. 

8. Shop online because if you time it right your package will arrive before anyone is the wiser.

9. Clean yes, because you’re not an animal, but do it while blasting Nicki Minaj and prancing about like you’re in da club.

10. Organize your closet. This is the best time to haul out everything with the tags still on and have a try-on marathon.

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