blog_8Paula-500x751 blog_tumblr_n5k9etHzwv1r71co2o1_1280 St. Cecilia, 3455 Peachtree Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30326.

I’ve had a pretty stressful couple of months so the idea of nesting becomes more appealing by the day. While my home mostly consists of cat hair and pizza boxes I’m dying to create a hotel style bedroom, a cozy eating nook, and incorporate some large scale artwork (ordered and on its way!). I’m also thinking of converting my kitchen into a guest room. Long time readers will remember it is currently my closet.

And commercial spaces are always a fantastic way to find inspiration. I recently stayed at a beautiful hotel in Westchester NY and duplicating any aspect of it from the lounge, to the rooms, to the hallways would be magic. Whenever a public space can make you feel as comfortable as you do at home (or even more so!) try to figure out how and why and repeat those elements in your own space. OR just stay on vacation indefinitely. Here’s to big, fluffy hotel beds, towel service, and P.Diddy robes…

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