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A long while back I used to do a segment called Hump Day every Wednesday where we would discuss men’s fashion and grooming. I might bring it back. It can’t be all ladies all the time now can it? Not when the men are doing so well. To begin…

This is my brother…


In all his hairy glory. He has been stealing my scrunchies since before I was a teenager and never stopped. His long hair shows no signs of thinning and his beard varies in length occasionally but remains pretty fluffy in general. Word on the street (or direct from my mother) is his wife recently got a little too scissor happy and cut his hair a little too short. It happens to the best of us. In fact, just last night I received an 11pm mass text from a friend who went in for a “trim” and came out with a chin length bob. I’m convinced “trim” doesn’t mean what we think it means. Maybe its Greek, Latin, Peruvian heritage actually means “trem” as in “tremendous” as in “take off a tremendous amount of hair” as in “send me into a tremendous existential depression as I now look old and fat”. Maybe.

No matter the root of our misunderstanding, this is a problem we have all faced. Luckily, there are always those stylish examples we can turn to in moments of despair. In this case, let us begin with our hair idol (first) and Bush frontman (second) Gavin Rossdale…


Managing to keep the hair he had circa 1995 but, thank GOD, ditch the flannels, Gavin has been quoted as saying, “There’s nothing worse than someone coming up to me and complimenting me on my hair.” This may or may not be true but if it was that much of an inconvenience he would shave it. But, he hasn’t. At least not recently. Men put just as much stock in their looks and grooming as women do on the average it is just socially unacceptable for them to talk about it or make a fuss. Any man, ANY man who maintains long hair has just as much of an attachment to it as women do. Who hasn’t cried in the salon chair on occasion. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! At least men don’t have the “I think I’ll do bangs!” situations to navigate through.

Gavin is a good example for my brother. His hair is approximately shoulder length when left to its own devices, and curly. I think it’s really curly, like Justin Timberlake curly. Which might explain his propensity for a ponytail. When looking for inspiration remember it is always more fruitful to find examples of people who actually kinda sorta look like you to begin with. If you’re 5 foot 2 and brunette with a big ass and a wild mane, Giselle is not your girl! Accept it and move on. The same goes for men. House of Waris Designer Waris Ahluwalia is a better fashion idol for my brother than say David Beckham…


Be careful gents! An actual ponytail is a horrible idea when it rests anywhere higher than the nape of the neck. Instead go for a messy bun. Even the worst hair crisis can be solved with a messy bun. Slick away stray pieces and call it a day.

Now in terms of facial hair we need only follow the example of beard icon (first) and MyTheresa editor (second) Justin O’Shea…

blog_16-09-2012-10 blog_865-Le-21eme-Arrondissement-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Justin-OShea-Slicked-Mercedes-Benz-New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2012-New-York-City-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_21E0528 blog_mitograph00227-new-york-fashion-week-justin-oshea-street-styleI mean look at it. Until my mid-twenties I was never one to like a man with a beard. I never liked chest hair either. Oh how things have changed. In my 30’s I have come to accept dating people with kids and divorces and grown to love the hairy man. Now I am a believer. It doesn’t take much to keep it looking groomed. Just as it’s easier for women to maintain their body hair with regular and consistent effort, so a daily brushing and minor trim (there’s that word again), will keep you looking fit.

So slick the hair in front to tame frizz and control flyaway pieces, pull the rest back in a high, messy bun, and groom the beard and there you have it.

blog_Untitled3 blog_Untitled4

Happy Hair!


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