Personal Style


This chart was so much fun.

I almost enjoyed the planning more than the actual events. Well-meaning family and friends have told me I’m a complete nutter but I don’t care. Planning everything in advance allowed me the time and extra brain space to experiment. I tried new combinations of outfits I already own. I shopped at new stores. I attempted to wear new things like bright pink, high-waisted pants even though some never saw the light of day like the bright pink, high-waisted pants. I tried new hairstyles, colors, and cuts. I did my own manicures and learned how to do my own makeup.

And in the end I got out of the past 8 months exactly what I put into it. I was able to have fun and enjoy every event because I knew I was prepared. It was like having my own stylist except the stylist was me. All it took was a little due diligence ahead of time.

Some people do this when they plan a long trip. They gather together itineraries, excursion details, flyers for different things they want to try and sites they want to see, phone numbers of hotels, cab companies, and bus tours. They call on family and friends to tell them where they’ll be and arrange to be dropped off and picked up. They, in effect, act as their own personal assistant.

In this case, my stylist, while woefully underpaid, was incredibly thorough and everything worked out beautifully.

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