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blog_04-jessica-alba-nail-polishI’ve been very much attracted to all things neutral when it comes to manicures. I know bright colors are always in during the warmer months but they don’t look nearly as good on pale skin as dark or neutral colors so I’ve never really been a fan. And if having long nails didn’t bug the shit out of me these inspiration pics would be perfection…

Also, here I offered a sneak peak into “The Wedding” manicure. I’ve never done my own nails before so it was a long shot but it actually worked out! See the results below…

blog_02-eva-chen-nail-polish blog_capture-d_c3a9cran-2014-07-07-c3a0-20-15-12 blog_lacool_tumblr_n6y25vUXHn1rsuch2o1_500 blog_tumblr_n8kepnedF61rsuch2o1_500


blog_photo (3)

This apparently is the required pose to take selfies of your manicure. It is supremely uncomfortable and unnatural. Give it a try and tell me how it feels. For my part, I felt like a moron. But I was alone at the time so that’s o.k. I used two Essie colors, stole some poor child’s pink glitter, and got a little drunk and there you have it. Success!

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