I’m back ladies and gents. Did you miss me?!




Back with a vengeance and lots of new content. I had little snugs ie my niece and nephew, in town visiting along with the rest of my family AND two weddings going on. On top of that my brother in all his infinite wisdom (post on him coming up soon), upgraded my computer which lost me my expertly hacked photoshop = fail. So my father in his infinite wisdom told me to stop being a snot and download the free image editing software GIMP. And here we are.

First up! The infamous wedding arrives on Friday. And then I plan to never discuss. it. again. I’ve debated heavily about what to wear to the rehearsal and decided on a black skirt with a white top to which my husband said, “the white is literally not going to happen.” Good thinking that one. Now I’m wearing all black… practical, safe, and slimming!

It was decided… until this skirt went on sale and I was thrown into a sartorial crisis…


blog_$_57 blog_xDSC_0938 copy blog_ZARA-LACE-SKIRT-.001

You see what I mean? Because if I buy that, I may look as fabulous as this…

blog_3b18575c7f03a350f03e8264c0b0d4ee blog_DFO-1 blog_main.original.466x530 blog_tumblr_n8k9krCc1s1rmfv8to1_1280

and by insane extension be as happy as this…

jblog_essica-chastain-2-435Decisions will be made!


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