Style Inspiration

Ahhhh my first and probably last Bridal Shower. A lovely, simple affair with games aplenty, apparently unconventional black balloons, and one crazy Grandma.

I knew I wanted to wear pants because 1. it was daytime and 2. I had to drive for 3 hours afterward so comfy was key…

blog_Untitled-1This time I got to wear my oft neglected blazer who hadn’t yet seen the light of day due to the heat…

blog_tumblr_n5fffoCMRi1r5kc0so1_1280This event also served as an excuse to wear my favorite lace bra which is a fantastic solution for an ill-fitting tee or tank. A peek of lace is less offensive and more appreciated than a 10 year-old nude bra strap.

blog_Untitled-2I’m especially proud that I wore heels for the entire wedding the night before and then wore heels all day Sunday and they were even higher. Also that I had this hair inspiration…

blog_Untitled-3which I nailed pretty quickly at the hotel. I had to nix the bangs at the last second because of the humidity but otherwise it was spot on. I even did my own nails AND makeup! What is happening to me?

Look ma! I’m a girl!

blog_photoFor two days in a row at least. Next up! Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Number 2! dun dun dundun dun dun dundun dun dun duhduh dhun you know how it goes…

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