Personal Style

edit_dadMy father ladies and gentlemen.

A man who has lived life on his own terms, bucked convention, made bold choice again and again often going against what was expected of him, and come out on top. A man who taught me what a work ethic actually looks like. A man who taught me never to question my worth in the world or my equality, competence, and sometimes dominance as a woman. A man who taught me to question preconceptions, follow my own path, and laugh at funerals.

There are a lot of fathers in the world, some good, some bad, some absent, and some smothering but I realized long ago that I won the lottery when I was born and I’ve never forgotten it. So dad, for all you have done for me and for all you will do, thank you.

Now can I “borrow” 50 bucks?

edit_999536_819420727707_737202783_n edit_IMG_0204 edit_IMG_1191_editIf I have one regret about eloping, (and I’m not sure I do, seriously you need to try this, it’s amazing), it is that I didn’t get to dance with my dad on my wedding day. Because he loves to dance… and I love to watch him… and you will too…

edit_Untitled-1 edit_Untitled-2This is the song I had all lined up before my matrimonial sanity returned to me. Happy Father’s Day…

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