blog_tumblr_mw570abimp1qg5tb3o1_1280You know when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you just look around your apartment and you just want everything to be white. Light, bright, airy and clean, white. That’s how I’m feeling right now. I need to cleanse. I need white. White everything.

odyssey-white-dining-tableSince I am also in need of a solution to our 5-year carpet picnic and also a place to drape clothes when I’m rummaging through the closet, I’ve been considering this table and these chairs from cb2. Granted the white may not last long but there are 2 very important reasons why this works for me…

1. Everything is round which leads to less visual obstruction when placing furniture in an area that needs to be navigated around often. Bonus for fewer stubbed toes and banged up shins as well.

2. My floors are white, my trim is white, and the curtains will soon be white. White can make a space feel cold but it can also serve to draw attention to what really matters, whatever you think that may be. In my case, I would like people to not notice that I have a dining room, living room, and bedroom in 500 square feet. It will also find a home directly under a very large window and next to a beautiful handmade mirror, both of which deserve more attention than a dining table.

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