blog_photo(1)Nothing like days off with my Maui Jims. I had forgotten just how amazing the lenses are in these sunglasses.

I sold a lot of things in my career and I believed in all of them but there was always something different about selling Mauis. They required no sales pitch. There was no need to explain. It was simply… here, put these on… oh yes, we take credit.

Everything is brighter when I put on my Mauis. My mood instantly lifts and never returns to firm ground. I find myself over and over again noticing how green the grass is, how blue the sky.

It sounds ridiculous but it’s true! The lenses are above a standard that they themselves created. The frames, light as a feather and durable too. The styling has improved year after year. They are second to none. And that’s no sales pitch.

Find them here. You can thank me later.

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