blog_traditional-eclectic-staircase-entryway-480x592This is exactly how I want every house I ever live in laid out. It feels like everywhere Diane Keaton or Meg Ryan would live in every movie they’ve ever done.













blog_coco-republic_fieldnotes_lonnymag.com_lisa-sherry_8-480x422And the bedroom. The curtains alone attain a level of order of which I am incapable. The fireplace, even more difficult to come by. But the bed and the night stands and the matching lamps oh my! Let this be a lesson to you. If you have too many windows (oh boo hoo cry me a river btw), pop the bed off the wall and float it in the middle of the room. Use the space behind for storage as long as it’s not visible from the door.

I once read a comment somewhere that said “I love it when people sleep on a mattress directly on the floor. It makes me feel like they don’t quite have their shit figured out yet.”

Well, I used to sleep on a mattress on the floor. I have since downgraded to a pull out couch. My shit is so far from figured out I haven’t even been assigned the question.

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