blog_IMG_20140406_084304_472So today I pose a serious question. How much is enough? Let me explain…

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary. To commemorate the occasion I made the above artwork (second from left) from 3 photos taken the night before our wedding and overlayed love songs we planned to use for the ceremony before we decided to elope. From the lyrics, a poem was formed and highlighted in black. It’s a personal piece to be sure… of course not too personal to be shared on the internet because really what is these days! At the moment we have it displayed on the art shelf in our apartment. But, as I set it there and looked around I wondered… how much is enough?

For about the first 5 years of our relationship there were no photos of us on record. I mean none. It was weird. When we got engaged I attempted to do one of those photo slideshow things for the reception and that’s when I realized, much to my horror, it would only last for three frames. What to do….

I began a campaign of selfies. Everytime we left the house, looking a hot mess or no, a photo was taken. Whenever we were at a party we became those people, “HI, could you take our picture?” It wasn’t a pretty time. Friends went missing, invitations were lost in the mail.

It all culminated on our wedding day when no fewer than 300 pictures of us were taken in a 24 hour period. As we are married now and have let ourselves go, the photo sprint ended almost overnight and as a result, most of our photos from that crazy couple of years are of us. So whenever I want to print something it is of a very personal nature.

Currently, this is what we have kicking around our apartment…

blog_IMG_20140406_084440_319 Untitled-1 Untitled-2I remember when I first moved out on my own. I hated having guests over because it felt like they were invading my space. I later discovered that this was because they were. It was all my space. When we are children we are only responsible for what we have in our bedrooms which led to the inevitable “club members only” signs and “sisters/brothers need not apply” and “fuck off mom” because the space was personal. So when we’re older and have decorated and curated an entire apartment it can feel very exposing.

I instituted rules… personal photos = bedroom / generic art = living spaces. One would hate to have a party with the nudes above the couch is what I’m saying. But, as we live in a very small studio now, no space is sacred, and everything is visible all the time, I think it’s getting to be too much. Enough is enough. Unless we start a rotation, no more direct references to our relationship.

But, what about you?

What are your rules for art in the home?

Do you hide certain things when company comes?

Is everything out in the open?

Are personal photos banned all together?

Do only the “artistic” ones make the cut?

Isn’t all art personal?

And how much is enough?

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