blog_tumblr_me4a408QvL1qekg1no1_1280Holy Shit Balls.

The large scale art in this space is every.thing.

It’s making me re-think things in my own home and business but, my problems remain the same. Even if you have an idea for a large scale piece, how do you get it printed?

And if you can get it printed or painted or drawn, then how do you get it in your space? And if you can somehow role it or condense it, how do you assemble it once you get it in there?! It’s enough to keep you up at night.

It’s moments like this that I think about hiring professionals. If I wasn’t such a control freak and if I also didn’t happen to really enjoy decorating my own apartment, maybe I would. They would know how to fix all my problems.

Maybe you could split the frame down the middle and then re-brace it like in that movie, the one with the best soundrack ever.

Speaking of professionals, we have a new one in residence.

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