Daly Dose

tumblr_mrvwhszmCz1r25b6lo1_1280This quote has been circulating fast all over the internet and it fucking pisses me off. Yes, I have the same amount of hours in my day as Beyonce. Unfortunately, I don’t have literally thousands of people working for me. If Beyonce had to put up her own sets, fly her own plane, answer her own emails, take care of her own child, hell even do her own fucking hair, she would be just like the rest of us. Unproductive as fuck and tired.

This is just yet another way for people to emulate and elevate celebrities while simulatenously making everyone else feel just awful about themselves. It’s the new Jim Carrey quote, “I pray everyone can have as much money as they could ever need so that they realize it’s not the key to happiness”. Well, how about let’s just give it a try and see what happens? In fact, give us yours. No? Thought so.

Just stop it.

Realize that your life has value just as it is and that the only reason theirs does is because we keep giving ours away.

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