blog_Shopping Diary 2013A lot of people do not understand why I keep a Shopping Diary. They think it’s a massive waste of time. When I recommended it to my mother she was so enthusiastic! Her response?

“Great idea! Oh wait, I have a job. You have too much time on your hands.”

And that’s fine. I get it. I’m not a complete moron.

The difference here is this…

“I learned a truly valuable nugget of wisdom early on, and if you want the truth, here it is: Fashion – real fashion – is a labor of love, and one that actually requires homework.”

Everyone needs to wear clothing, which means everyone has spent at least some amount of money on their clothing. The Shopping Diary is how I make sure that I spend the right amount of money on the right clothing thereby eliminating costly mistakes.

Everyone also has a hobby. Video games, reading, cars, travel, all of these things can be equated to shopping. Some people spend hours online playing video games, I shop instead. Some people spend hundreds per year on books, I shop instead. Some people research car parts endlessly and spend weekends repairing and maintaining their vehicles, I browse stores on the weekends and clean out my closet regularly to ensure its efficiency. Planning a trip or vacation? How much is a weekend at the beach worth to your wallet in comparison to 2 weeks in Vienna? The decisions you make when booking your vacation are the same decisions I must weigh when choosing between a pair of Alexander Wang booties and the Zara copy.

Make sense? We all must decide how we most want to spend our time and money. And people who do not choose to spend that time and money on fashion – real fashion – will think I’m nuts, or sad, depending on which activities you personally value most.

These values also change with time. For example, I used to pay someone to cut my hair, but I decided not too long ago that the time and expense of figuring out how to do it myself was far less than the time and expense spent in a salon chair. So if you are not willing or able to devote more than a passing glance at your wardrobe, pay someone to do it for you just as you would pay a mechanic or a travel agent.

Someone who spends their time maintaining a Shopping Diary! You can see what happened in 2011 and 2012 here.

So if you’re still with me let’s evaluate 2013 shall we?

1. I spent 7% less in 2013 than I did in 2012. Wow. It’s not going to go much lower than this. This is considered subsistence living in the fashion industry.

noun: subsistence

the action or fact of maintaining or supporting oneself at a minimum level.

2. I only bought something from 4 different stores. This means for all of the stress and aggravation of shopping either online or in brick and mortar locations, I only ever needed to go to 4 places, and 2 of those were only because of massive sales. This is critical to efficiency for people who “hate shopping”. Chances are there is 1, maybe 2 stores where you can get everything you need. If you take good care of your clothing you don’t have to look like a walking catalog because your wardrobe will consist of several different seasons. Find someplace that suits your style, size, and price point and when you are in need of something, check these stores first. This store will most accurately define your personal style and you can mix in other things every so often to keep it fresh and interesting… when you have the energy for browsing of course.

3. Since I was so successful not shopping for at least 3 months in 2012, I decided to up the ante in 2013. No shopping for 4 months. I made it to 5. My conclusion? I’m not really addicted to shopping, I just used to be an asshole.

4. And this is a lesson I thought I had learned in 2012 but apparently still had not sunk in. *talking to myself* You are a Large at Zara! Hear me and hear me good. Jesus! Let’s not go through this again. Shall we? Additionally, Zara men’s shoes in a size 7 fit me perfectly… this is dangerous.

5. I ventured out of my comfort zone a lot. I bought a lot of lace, skirts, dresses, and color. Yay for me!

Other lessons…

I never buy anything from Shopbop. It is pure fashion porn for me.
Teal is not a good color for me. But maroon… yes ma’am!
My shoe wardrobe is almost complete seeing as how I only bought one pair last year.
As I get older I prefer pants over jeans. Silky, fluid, and sexy.
I have discovered my comfort price point. Anything over that is just not going to happen.

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