blog_dreamyspaces (3)If you’re on the hunt for a cool, fun, graphic, large scale, relatively inexpensive, art project (because who isn’t) try this on for size.

Print your favorite photos, or maybe just segments of your favorite photos, all in the same size. Try adjusting the color balance first to create a cohesive color theme that’s a little bit more interesting than black and white and less distracting than using the originals.

Then find a massive frame to house them all. For a background without seams from smaller pieces of paper, use the photo that comes with the frame and just turn it around. I always keep those stock photos anyway… ya know… for regifting. The back is almost always white and super glossy.

This will allow you to display those favorite photos that are either poor quality or too small in resolution to be used on their own. This is especially useful to display a lot of photos from one event. Instead of having a wedding album gather dust on a shelf why not print them all really small and frame them. It would be especially adorbs if you start at the top with the proposal and order them in a timeline through the honeymoon.

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