So I follow 171 blogs through my Bloglovin’ feed apparently. This is on top of friends and family members’ blogs that I read regularly plus various news outlets plus those things called books and oh yeah about 3 full time jobs. So it’s not surprising that it is difficult to get me to actually click on an article in my feed or elsewhere in order to read the whole thing. Mostly it’s just seeing snippets like “10 Best DIY Projects for the Busy Mother”. Yep. Nope to that one…

Then I saw this headline, “Organization Inspiration: Neat & Beautiful Closets” over on Apartment Therapy. Well… yes I do believe you’ve got me there. Clickyclicky…

blog_531405b0697ab00e5c000786._w.540_s.fit_ blog_531405b1697ab00e110006fc._w.540_s.fit_ blog_531405b2697ab00e610006c0._w.540_s.fit_ blog_531405b5697ab00e6e00070e._w.540_s.fit_ blog_531405b6697ab00e5c000787._w.540_s.fit_ blog_531405b7697ab00e51000700._w.540_s.fit_

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